P-44.1 - Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

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63. The registrar may revoke a cancellation of registration under section 59 on an application by the registrant.
The registrant must file with the application the initial declaration and any annual updating declaration the registrant failed to file before the cancellation of registration and the annual updates for the years since the cancellation of registration.
The registrant must also file with the application
(1)  the fee set out in this Act with respect to such an application;
(2)  the annual registration fee set out in this Act, for every year prior to the cancellation of registration during which the registrant was in default, for the current year and for the years since the cancellation of registration, except any fee to which section 85 applies; and
(3)  the penalty prescribed in sections 87 and 88, for each of the years referred to in subparagraph 2.
2010, c. 7, s. 63.