P-44.1 - Act respecting the legal publicity of enterprises

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161. Whoever does or omits to do something in order to help a person commit an offence under this Act, or orders, authorizes, advises, encourages, incites or causes a person to commit such an offence, is guilty of the same offence.
2010, c. 7, s. 161; 2010, c. 40, s. 55; 2016, c. 292016, c. 29, s. 19.
161. Any director, administrator of the property of others, officer or attorney of a registrant who ordered, authorized or advised the commission of an offence under section 152, 153, 154 or 158, or consented to or otherwise took part in the offence, is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of not less than $400 and not more than $4,000.
For a second or subsequent offence, the fines are doubled.
2010, c. 7, s. 161; 2010, c. 40, s. 55.