P-42 - Animal Health Protection Act

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55.8.1. Where the Minister is of the opinion that animals may constitute a risk for the health or safety of the persons who consume them, in particular because of the medicinal residues or metabolites the animals could be carrying, the Minister may prescribe, by regulation, special standards for their destruction, disposal or elimination, according to species or category.
Any person in possession of an animal to which the regulation applies must comply with the regulation.
The provisions of Divisions III and IV of the Regulations Act (chapter R‐18.1) relating to the publication and coming into force of proposed regulations and regulations do not apply to a regulation made by the Minister pursuant to this section. The regulation shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec. However, it comes into force on the date it is made by the Minister and shall be disseminated by any other means the Minister considers necessary.
2000, c. 40, s. 26.