P-40.1 - Consumer Protection Act

Full text
236.1. No merchant may sell a ticket to a consumer at a price above that announced by the vendor authorized to sell the tickets by the producer of the event.
The prohibition set out in the first paragraph does not apply to a merchant who
(a)  has the prior authorization of the producer of the event to resell a ticket at a higher price;
(b)  resells the ticket in a manner that is compliant with the agreement the merchant entered into with the producer of the event;
(c)  clearly informs the consumer before reselling the ticket
i.  of the identity of the authorized vendor referred to in the first paragraph, of the fact that tickets may be available from the latter and of the advertised price of the tickets;
ii.  that the ticket is being resold and, where applicable, of the maximum resale price agreed to by the producer of the event.
For the purposes of this section, ticket means any document or instrument that upon presentation gives the ticket holder a right of entry to a show, sporting event, cultural event, exhibition or any other kind of entertainment.
2011, c. 22, s. 1.