P-38.0001 - Act to protect persons with regard to activities involving firearms

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1. The purpose of this Act is, among other things, to protect persons who frequent the premises of a designated institution, including the grounds of the institution and the structures standing on those grounds.
The following are designated institutions:
(1)  childcare centres and day care centres within the meaning of the Educational Childcare Act (chapter S-4.1.1);
(2)  nursery schools within the meaning of section 153 of that Act;
(3)  schools that provide childcare services, preschools, elementary and secondary schools, postsecondary colleges, general and vocational colleges, vocational training centres, adult education centres, and universities.
This Act and its regulations apply, with the necessary modifications, to premises where home childcare is provided, regardless of whether the childcare provider is a recognized home childcare provider under the Educational Childcare Act.
This Act also seeks to protect persons who use public transportation, with the exception of taxis, and those who use school transportation.
The Government may, by regulation, designate institutions other than those mentioned in the second paragraph, exempt from the application of this Act any institution mentioned in that paragraph or certain of its premises, or exempt from the application of this Act certain means of public transportation, in the cases and under the conditions that it determines.
2007, c. 30, s. 1.