P-19.1 - Act respecting family benefits

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20. If the amount owed is not repaid, the Board may, at the expiry of the time prescribed for applying for a review of the decision or for contesting the decision before the Administrative Tribunal of Québec or, where applicable, on the day following the day on which a decision of the Tribunal confirms all or part of the Board’s decision, issue a certificate
(1)  setting out the name and address of the person who received the benefits subject to repayment;
(2)  stating the amount of the debt;
(3)  stating that the person has not contested the decision pursuant to section 18 or, as the case may be, setting forth the final decision upholding the original decision.
Upon the deposit of the certificate at the clerk’s office of the competent court, the decision of the Board or of the Administrative Tribunal of Québec becomes executory as a final decision of the competent court.
1997, c. 57, s. 20.