P-19.1 - Act respecting family benefits

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11. An allowance for handicapped children shall be granted for a handicap within the meaning assigned by government regulation. Such a regulation may, in particular, determine the degree or duration of a disorder or impairment giving rise to the handicap, state what is or is not considered to be a handicap, define the criteria governing the assessment of the nature or extent of the cause of the handicap, and specify the information or documents to be provided and the circumstances in which and time at which the entitlement to the allowance ceases.
Where divergent opinions exist concerning the assessment of a handicap, the Board may require that a child be examined by the physician it designates or by any other expert. If valid grounds are presented to oppose the choice of the physician or expert, the Board shall designate another physician or expert.
The amount of the allowance shall be determined by government regulation.
1997, c. 57, s. 11.