O-9 - Act respecting municipal territorial organization

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176.17. If there is no agreement at the expiry of the period of mediation, the mediator shall give the parties a report specifying the matters on which there has been agreement and the matters which are still in dispute. The mediator may, where considered appropriate by the mediator, make a recommendation to the parties with a view to settling the dispute. The mediator shall also submit a copy of the report to the Minister with comments and a recommendation as to the arbitration of the dispute.
Where the mediator has made a recommendation to the parties, the recommendation must be submitted to the municipality for approval and be submitted to the group of employees concerned for a secret ballot to be held in accordance with the provisions of Division II of Chapter II of the Labour Code (chapter C‐27).
The municipality must inform the Minister of its decision and the certified association must inform the Minister of the result of the vote.
2000, c. 27, s. 3.