O-9 - Act respecting municipal territorial organization

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135. For the purposes of sections 133 and 134, only the council of the annexing municipality may order the holding of a poll or the withdrawal of the by-law. If the council decides that a poll must be held, it shall fix the date of the poll not later than at its first sitting following receipt of the copy of the certificate stating the results of the registration procedure. Only the mayor of the annexing municipality may give a voice vote to break a tie in the votes cast.
All expenses incurred for the application of sections 133 and 134 shall be paid by the annexing municipality.
1988, c. 19, s. 135; 1993, c. 65, s. 39.
135. Every interested person wishing to do so shall enter his name, address and capacity on the application provided for in section 134 and affix his signature opposite such entries.
The address of the interested person shall be, according to the capacity entitling him to be entered on the referendum list of the territory, the address of the immovable where he is domiciled, of the immovable of which he is the owner or of the place of business of which he is the occupant. The address of the immovable shall include the apartment or room number, if any. If the immovable has no number, the cadastral number shall be used.
1988, c. 19, s. 135.