O-9 - Act respecting municipal territorial organization

Full text
125.14. (Repealed).
2000, c. 27, s. 1; 2003, c. 14, s. 167.
125.14. The committee may propose any other transitional measure.
The committee may, in particular, propose
(1)  a reassignment procedure applicable to the public servants and employees of the local municipalities referred to in the report that are not represented by a certified association, and the rights of and remedies available to an employee who believes he or she has been wronged by the application of that procedure;
(2)  rules governing the organization of administrative units that specify, in particular, who should exercise the functions that are mandatory according to law;
(3)  a budget for the first fiscal year of the local municipality to be constituted.
2000, c. 27, s. 1.