O-7.2 - Act to modify the organization and governance of the health and social services network, in particular by abolishing the regional agencies

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16. For the purposes of the independent director appointment process, the Minister establishes one or more committees of governance experts to make recommendations to the Minister, in particular with regard to the candidates to be considered and to what extent their profile corresponds to the profiles established under the first paragraph of section 15.
Each expert committee is composed of seven members appointed by the Minister. Four of those members are appointed on the recommendation of a body identified by the Minister and having recognized expertise in the governance of public bodies. At the time of appointment, each of the other three members must have experience as a chair of the board of directors of an institution. Members of an expert committee may not, in any capacity, be designated or appointed as members of the board of directors.
Each expert committee’s candidate selection process must include a general invitation for applications. The committee proposes two candidates to the Minister for each position to be filled.
2015, c. 1, s. 16.