O-7.2 - Act to modify the organization and governance of the health and social services network, in particular by abolishing the regional agencies

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211. In addition to the functions assigned to it by section 148, the advisory committee referred to in section 209 exercises, with respect to the facilities of the grouped institution Saint Brigid’s–Jeffery Hale Hospital, the following functions:
(1)  ensuring that the integrated centre’s board of directors is informed of the English-speaking community’s particular needs with respect to health and social services and recommending measures to the board to ensure that the services provided in the grouped institution’s facilities meet those needs;
(2)  making recommendations to the integrated centre’s board of directors on the organization and operation of the grouped institution;
(3)  acting as liaison between the integrated centre, the grouped institution, its members and the foundation of the grouped institution, and the region’s English-speaking community;
(4)  making recommendations to the integrated centre’s board of directors to ensure the continuity of English-language services in the grouped institution’s facilities, improve the quality of those services and facilitate their development;
(5)  giving an opinion on the organization plan prepared under section 183 of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) with respect to the integrated centre’s structure, management, services and departments;
(6)  assuming any other function the board of directors of the integrated centre entrusts to it.
2015, c. 1, s. 211.