N-1.1 - Act respecting labour standards

Full text The Minister shall, by an order published in the Gazette officielle du Québec, create a labour standards advisory committee whose role is to provide its opinion on any matter that the Minister or the Commission submits to it concerning the carrying out of this Act.
The advisory committee is composed of the number of members determined by the ministerial order, including at least one person from each of the following groups:
(1)  non-unionized employees;
(2)  unionized employees;
(3)  employers from the big business sector;
(4)  employers from the small and medium-sized business sector;
(5)  employers from the cooperative sector;
(6)  women;
(7)  young people;
(8)  families; and
(9)  cultural communities.
The members are appointed after consultation with bodies that, in the Minister’s view, are representative of those groups.
The ministerial order may specify how the advisory committee is to carry out its consultations and set out the committee’s operating rules.
2015, c. 15, s. 179.