M-4 - Master Pipe-Mechanics Act

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19.10. (Replaced).
1985, c. 34, s. 261; 1991, c. 74, s. 159.
19.10. The Corporation shall submit to the Minister, not later than 31 October each year, a report on its activities for the preceding fiscal year.
The report shall indicate the number of licences issued during the preceding fiscal year, and contain such other particulars as may be required by Government regulation.
1985, c. 34, s. 261.
19.1. If the Corporation is of the opinion that a member’s conduct is such that it could warrant the suspension or cancellation of a licence issued under the Act respecting building contractors vocational qualifications, it shall report that opinion to the Régie des entreprises de construction du Québec; if the board comes to the same conclusion, it shall then suspend or cancel the licence.
1980, c. 2, s. 16.