M-13 - Mining Act

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281. (1)  Every operator and every holder of mining rights engaged in underground mining exploration work shall keep up to date:
(a)  an exact surface plan showing the boundaries of his land, the watercourses, roads, railways, electric transmission lines, shafts and adits, buildings and other installations, deposits of tailings and rock outcrops and all other surface works executed;
(b)  plans of the underground workings showing, for each level, the drifts and cross-cuts as well as the shafts and raises, shelters, safety exists and all means of communication with other mines and including vertical sections showing the position of the underground workings in relation to the surface of the ground and that of the bed-rock;
(c)  plans illustrating the direction and volume of the principal displacements of air, and the location of ventilators, fire or ventilation doors and ventilation stoppings.
(2)  Every operator shall keep up to date plans showing exactly the geological and geophysical observations and the taking of samples with their metal or mineral content as determined by test or assay.
(3)  The plans contemplated in subsections 1 and 2 shall be made to a scale approved by the Minister.
(4)  The Minister may require of an operator and of any holder of mining rights carrying on exploration work any plan necessary for a better knowledge of the deposits and the work done in the mine for the protection of workmen.
(5)  The operator shall keep a register of all the borings effected. Such register shall show for each boring the location, direction and inclination of the holes, the nature of the rocks traversed, the samples taken and the nature thereof.
(6)  The inspectors, engineers or geologists of the Department and the other authorized representatives of the Minister shall have free access to such plans and registers. They may take notes and summaries or copies thereof in the discharge of their duties.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 34, s. 252; 1968, c. 36, s. 21.