I-9 - Engineers Act

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25. Any inspector designated by the board of directors may
(1)  enter, at any reasonable hour, a place where works referred to in section 3 are located, including works in the process of being carried out, and a place where the carrying out of such works is planned, in order to verify compliance with this Act;
(2)  take photographs of the place and of the property located there;
(3)  require any information or document enabling the inspector to verify compliance with this Act; and
(4)  require any person who is on the premises to provide reasonable assistance.
An inspector must, on request, provide identification and produce a certificate of authority signed by the secretary of the Order.
1975, c. 80, s. 38; 2020, c. 152020, c. 15, s. 54.
25. The engineer or the holder of a temporary licence must sign written consultations and opinions, measurements, layouts, reports, computations, designs, drawings and specifications relating to the work referred to in section 2 which have been prepared by him or under his immediate supervision.
1975, c. 80, s. 38.