I-8.1 - Act respecting offences relating to alcoholic beverages

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12. (Repealed).
1971, c. 19, s. 10; 1974, c. 14, s. 6; 1979, c. 71, s. 120.
12. In the exercise of its powers the Commission must comply with the regulations made for that purpose by the Gouvernement and with the regulations made by the Commission and approved by the Gouvernement.
The regulations may, in particular, deal with:
(a)  the tenor of applications for permits and the documents which must accompany them, where such is the case;
(b)  the duties payable to the Commission to obtain copies of the ofjections made against an application for a permit and copies of the documents supporting them;
(c)  the procedure to be followed by the Commission to certify the renewal of a permit;
(d)  the standards that the Commission must observe, where necessary, to establish the maximum number of patrons who may be admitted at one time to a room where a permit is in use;
(e)  the conditions governing the use of permits elsewhere than in the rooms of an establishment, in particular, at a swimming-pool or on a terrace situated in the proximity of the establishment and if necessary, in such case, the provisions of this act which do not apply to the use of such permit;
(f)  what constitutes the presentation of music or spectacles with regard to the classes of permits authorizing their presentation;
(g)  the standards that the Commission must observe to determine the minimum surface area required to allow dancing or, as the case may be, the presentation of spectacles in an establishment where a permit authorizing it is in use;
(h)  the standards that the Commission must observe to determine whether an establishment is a grocery within the meaning of section 20;
(i)  the conditions respecting the issue and use of permits and, in particular, of club permits, hunting and fishing lodge permits, trading post permits, reception permits and reunion permits;
(j)  what constitutes a trading post for the purposes of section 27 of this act;
(k)  the posting-up of permits and, in the case or reception permits, the posting-up of the contract of rent of the hall used for the reception;
(l)  the standards governing the arrangement, lighting and furnishing of establishments and rooms for which an applicant applies for a permit or where a permit is in use;
(m)  the form and content of the returns the Commission may require from a permit-holder under section 75 and the times when such returns must be filed;
(n)  where such is the case, the date of renewal of permits;
(o)  any other measure necessary for the application of this act;
(p)  the rules respecting the internal management of the Commission and the carrying on of its affairs.
Every regulation made under this section must be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and shall come into force from such publication or on any later date indicated therein.
1971, c. 19, s. 10; 1974, c. 14, s. 6.