I-4 - Act respecting the application of the Taxation Act

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88.7. Where a right, licence or privilege referred to in the first paragraph of section 88.6 and acquired by an individual or a corporation after 10 April 1962 and before 1 January 1972 was disposed of before 23 October 1968, any amount received by the individual or the corporation as consideration for the disposition shall be included in computing the income of the individual or corporation for the taxation year in which the amount was received, unless the individual or the corporation acquired such right, licence or privilege by legacy or inheritance.
The first paragraph does not apply to a corporation that, at the time of the acquisition referred to therein, is a corporation whose principal business consists of any of the activities referred to in section 88.3, or in computing the income for a taxation year of a taxpayer whose business includes trading or dealing in rights, licences or privileges to explore for, drill for or take in Canada petroleum, natural gas or other related hydrocarbons, except coal.
1998, c. 16, s. 256.