I-4 - Act respecting the application of the Taxation Act

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75.1. Where a corporation resident in Canada receives, after 1971, a stock dividend in respect of a share of the capital stock of a foreign affiliate of the corporation owned by the corporation on 31 December 1971 and acquired by it after 18 June 1971 from a person with whom it was dealing at arm’s length and the share received as a stock dividend is identical to the share in respect of which the stock dividend is received, the share so received is, at the option of the corporation, deemed to be, for the purposes of paragraph c of section 68, section 73 and this section, capital property owned by it on 31 December 1971, and deemed not to be property acquired by the corporation after 1971 for the purposes of paragraph d of section 73.
1980, c. 13, s. 120.