I-13.3 - Education Act

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17.1. The school board must, at the Minister’s request and using the information the Minister provides concerning a child who may not be attending school as required or concerning his parents, take any action with the child and his parents that is specified by the Minister to ascertain and, if applicable, regularize the child’s situation.
On that occasion, the school board must also inform the parents of the obligations arising from sections 14 to 17 and of the educational services the child is entitled to under this Act. The parents must provide the school board with any information it requires on their child’s situation within a reasonable time.
If the action taken does not allow the child’s situation to be ascertained or regularized, the school board, after notifying the student’s parents in writing, shall report this to the director of youth protection.
2017, c. 232017, c. 23, s. 3.