I-13.3 - Education Act

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109.1. The governing board shall send the centre’s educational project to the school board and make it public on the expiry of 60 to 90 days after sending it or of another period if the governing board and school board so agree. It shall also make public the evaluation of the centre’s educational project. The educational project and any evaluation of it shall be communicated to the students and the centre staff members.
The educational project takes effect on the date of its publication.
2002, c. 63, s. 18; 2016, c. 262016, c. 26, s. 17.
109.1. The governing board is responsible for approving the centre’s success plan, and any updated version of the plan, proposed by the principal.
The proposals shall be developed in collaboration with the staff of the centre.
The collaboration procedure shall be established by the persons concerned at general meetings called for that purpose by the principal or, failing that, shall be determined by the principal.
2002, c. 63, s. 18.