G-1.03 - Act respecting the governance and management of the information resources of public bodies and government enterprises

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18. A government enterprise must provide the chief information officer with information on its information assets and its information resource projects that meet the criteria determined by the Conseil du trésor, and any other information determined by the Conseil du trésor. However, the Conseil du trésor may not require information if the enterprise shows that its release would likely reveal an investment strategy or substantially reduce the enterprise’s competitive margin.
That information must be provided in accordance with the conditions and in the manner determined by the Conseil du trésor.
2011, c. 19, s. 18; 2017, c. 282017, c. 28, s. 12.
18. The Agence du revenu du Québec must give the chief information officer information on its information resource projects and activities, including information on the expertise and know-how it has developed.
This information must be provided on the conditions and in the manner set by agreement.
2011, c. 19, s. 18.