G-1.03 - Act respecting the governance and management of the information resources of public bodies and government enterprises

Full text
10. An information officer designated under the first paragraph of section 8 and attached to the public bodies referred to in subparagraph 4, 4.1 or 5 of the first paragraph of section 2 may be designated as “network information officer”.
2011, c. 19, s. 10; 2017, c. 282017, c. 28, s. 6.
10. The functions of the network information officers include
(1)  ensuring that the public bodies in their sector apply the governance and management rules established under this Act;
(2)  coordinating and promoting the organizational transformation of those bodies;
(3)  reporting to the chief information officer on the progress and results of projects and other activities carried out by those bodies with respect to information resources;
(4)  consolidating the three-year plans and compiling all the pertinent information contained in the reviews filed by those bodies;
(5)  participating in the consultative bodies established under this Act;
(6)  advising the minister responsible for their sector on information resources;
(7)  defining, as necessary and in accordance with the rules set out in this Act, specific information management rules, including information security rules, which after being approved by the Conseil du trésor will apply to all or some of the public bodies in their sector;
(8)  taking the necessary measures to ensure that those bodies consider open-source software on the same footing as any other software; and
(9)  exercising any other function required under this Act.
The specific rules defined under subparagraph 7 of the first paragraph by the network information officer designated under section 9 may, in the cases provided for in an Act administered by the Minister of Health and Social Services, also apply to bodies and persons in the health and social services network. That network information officer also exercises any functions required under such an Act.
2011, c. 19, s. 10.