F-4.1 - Forest Act

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124.14. The Minister may, on an application by interested agencies whose territories are adjacent, join their territories and form a new agency; the application must include
(1)  the name of the new agency;
(2)  the designation of the persons who will act as representatives of the municipalities, the organizations certified pursuant to section 124.1.1 and the holders of a wood processing plant operating permit on the new agency’s first board of directors;
(3)  the designation of the person who will act as chairman of the board of directors of the new agency.
The application shall be accompanied with the internal by-laws that will govern the new agency.
The Minister shall give notice of the creation of the new agency in the Gazette officielle du Québec.
The agencies whose territories are joined cease to exist and their members, rights and obligations become the members, rights and obligations of the new agency.
1996, c. 14, s. 14.