F-2.1 - Act respecting municipal taxation

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243.20. Where nine years, or five years in the case provided for in the first paragraph of section 243.4, have elapsed since recognition that is in force was obtained, the Commission shall give the recognized person a notice in writing informing the person of the rules set out in this subdivision.
The Commission shall specify in the notice any document that the recognized person is required to transmit to the Commission for the purposes of section 243.19, and shall fix the time limit for the transmission.
The Commission shall transmit a copy of the notice to the local municipality in whose territory the immovable in respect of which the recognition has been granted is situated. The Commission shall also transmit to the local municipality a copy of any document received from the recognized person or, as the case may be, a notice stating that the person has failed to submit a required document.
2000, c. 54, s. 76.