E-3.3 - Election Act

Full text
367. The deputy returning officer considers any objection raised by a candidate or a candidate’s representative as to the validity of a ballot paper and makes a decision immediately. The objection and the deputy returning officer’s decision are recorded in the poll book.
1989, c. 1, s. 367; 2006, c. 17, s. 25.
367. After counting the ballot papers and drawing up a statement of votes, the deputy returning officer shall place, in separate envelopes, the ballot papers marked in favour of each candidate, the rejected ballot papers, the spoiled or cancelled ballot papers, the unused ballot papers and the statement of votes. He shall then seal the envelopes.
The deputy returning officer, the poll clerk and those representatives who wish to do so shall affix their initials to the seals.
The envelopes, the poll book and the list of electors shall be placed in the ballot box.
1989, c. 1, s. 367.