E-3.3 - Election Act

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207. A board of revisors examines requests that are submitted in person immediately and, whenever it can make an immediate decision, it informs the elector of the decision. Whenever the board of revisors makes a decision in the absence of the elector concerned or of the person having made the request, it must immediately notify the elector of the decision. The decision is notified in the manner determined by the Chief Electoral Officer.
A board of revisors also examines all requests submitted to it under this Act.
1989, c. 1, s. 207; 1995, c. 23, s. 18; 2006, c. 17, s. 13.
207. An elector who finds that the name of a person is entered on the list of electors of his electoral division though the person is not entitled thereto, may apply in person to the board of revisors of the polling subdivision to have the name of that person struck off the list.
The elector shall declare under oath that, to his knowledge, the person whose name he is applying to have struck off the list is not entitled to have his name entered on the list of electors for that polling subdivision.
1989, c. 1, s. 207; 1995, c. 23, s. 18.
207. No later than the day before the work of the board of revisors begins, the returning officer shall give the revisors
(1)  the directives of the chief electoral officer concerning revision;
(2)  the certified list of electors and the statement of unoccupied dwellings for each polling subdivision assigned to them;
(3)  the reports made to him by enumerators pursuant to section 160;
(4)  the attestation of the enumerators contemplated in section 169;
(5)  the register in which they enter all their decisions respecting the applications submitted to them.
1989, c. 1, s. 207.