E-3.3 - Election Act

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179. The returning officer for an electoral division establishes one or more boards of revisors, mobile boards of revisors and special boards of revisors, as needed.
The Chief Electoral Officer establishes a board of revisors for electors having the right to vote outside Québec.
1989, c. 1, s. 179; 1995, c. 23, s. 18; 2006, c. 17, s. 12.
179. The chief electoral officer shall determine the number of boards of revisors to be established by a returning officer in his electoral division.
The returning officer shall assign to each board of revisors the polling subdivisions he designates.
1989, c. 1, s. 179; 1995, c. 23, s. 18.
179. The revision of the list of electors shall take place from Monday of the third week to Thursday of the second week preceding that of the polling.
1989, c. 1, s. 179.