E-3.1 - Election Act

Full text
217. Every person who
(1)  votes more than once at the same election;
(2)  permits a person to vote without being registered on the electoral list;
(3)  votes without being entitled to vote;
(4)  knowingly prints or uses a false ballot paper or alters or counterfeits a ballot paper;
(5)  modifies or imitates the initials of the deputy returning officer;
(6)  acts as the agent of a candidate when his power of attorney is false;
(7)  is a deputy returning officer and remits a ballot paper to a person refusing to take the oath required;
(8)  is a deputy returning officer and knowingly admits to vote a person who has already voted;
(9)  is an election officer and arrives late at the polling station in order to delay the opening of the poll,
is guilty of an offence.
1979, c. 56, s. 217.