E-20.001 - Act respecting the exercise of certain municipal powers in certain urban agglomerations

Full text
118.85. Sections 23 to 24.1 are replaced by the following section:
“ 23. The central municipality’s exclusive jurisdiction over the thoroughfares identified includes
(1)  determining minimum standards for managing the system;
(2)  determining standards for harmonizing the rules governing traffic signs and signals and traffic control;
(3)  determining the usefulness of arterial thoroughfares;
(4)  general system planning, including traffic planning within the urban agglomeration;
(5)  work to open, extend or develop an arterial thoroughfare, connect such thoroughfares or standardize their configuration, as far as that work concerns
(a)  boulevard Notre-Dame;
(b)  autoroute Bonaventure, phase 1;
(c)  rue Sherbrooke east of 36e avenue;
(d)  boulevard Cavendish (Cavendish/Cavendish/Royalmount);
(e)  boulevard Jacques-Bizard, up to autoroute 40;
(f)  boulevard Rodolphe-Forget (Bourget);
(g)  boulevard Pierrefonds;
(h)  the urban boulevard in the right of way of autoroute 440;
(i)  municipal road works made necessary by the projects of the Ministère des Transports du Québec relating to the Turcot interchange, the Dorval interchange, autoroute 25 and autoroute 40. ”
2008, c. 19, s. 18.