E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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8. It is forbidden for any employer in any industrial or commercial establishment, for any person carrying on any industry, trade or business, for any owner, tenant or manager of a theatre, cinema hall, club, amusement hall, arena, hotel or restaurant, for any telegraph company employing messengers, or in the case of printers or agents who distribute advertisements or hand-bills, and for owners of department stores who employ boys or girls as messengers, to employ any boy or girl less than sixteen years of age. However the inspector may, by means of a permit which he issues for such purpose, allow the persons contemplated by this section to employ any boy or a girl not less than fifteen years of age, between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next, or a boy or girl who attains fifteen years of age before 1 July of the year or who has been released in accordance with section 259 of the Education Act (chapter I-14) from the obligation to attend school.
This section shall not apply to the head of the family who employs his wife or his children in his industry or business; nor shall it apply to persons employing domestic or farm servants.
R. S. 1964, c. 150, s. 8; 1968, c. 46, s. 4; 1975, c. 49, s. 5.