E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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44. The Government may, by regulations:
(1)  Enact the measures contemplated in section 3 and in paragraph 2 of section 17;
(2)  Classify as dangerous, unhealthy or incommodious, such establishments as it considers dangerous to the health of the operatives, especially the personnel less than eighteen years of age;
(3)  Determine the duties of employers and managers of establishments which are not formally determined in this act;
(4)  Determine the powers and duties, not formally determined by this act, of the officers appointed to see to the carrying out of this act and of the regulations;
(5)  Prescribe all the special precautions which may be necessary in connection with the matters indicated in section 5;
(6)  Determine the minimum conditions to be met by programmes for the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases required under this act;
(7)  Determine the measures to be taken by the head of an establishment respecting the living conditions of workmen before a worksite is established;
(8)  Determine the obligations to which holders of permits issued by virtue of section 8 are subject, prescribe the form and tenor of applications for permits, the fees payable, the documents that must accompany applications for permits, the information that may be demanded, the places where permits must be posted up and the indications they must exhibit, and the cases in which they may be revoked.
This division shall not, however, affect the right possessed by municipal councils of passing and enforcing by-laws on the subject.
Nor shall anything therein affect the rules and regulations adopted on the same subject by the Government in virtue of the Public Health Act (Revised Statutes of Québec, 1964, chapter 161).
R. S. 1964, c. 150, s. 44; 1968, c. 46, s. 17; 1975, c. 49, s. 22.