E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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37. (1)  In prosecutions for contraventions to this act or a regulation, proof of guilt of an agent, mandatary or employee of a physical or moral person suffices to establish proof of guilt of the person unless the latter establishes that the offence was committed without his knowledge, without his consent, or despite the steps taken to avoid it.
(2)  Where an offence is committed by a moral person, every director, officer, employee or agent of such corporation who ordered or authorized or consented to the committing of the offence is deemed to have participated in the offence and is liable to the same penalty as that provided for a corporation, whether or not the corporation has been prosecuted or found guilty.
R. S. 1964, c. 150, s. 38; 1975, c. 49, s. 20.