E-15 - Industrial and Commercial Establishments Act

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2. In this act, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words, terms and expressions shall, for the purposes of this act, have the following meanings:
(1)  The words domestic workshop mean every establishment in which only the members of the family are employed, either under the authority of the father or mother, or of the tutor or guardian, provided such establishment be not classed as dangerous, unhealthy, or incommodious, or that the work be not done by means of steam boilers or other motors;
(2)  The expression head of establishment or employer includes any person, partnership or corporation who has charge of all or part of an industrial or commercial establishment on his own account or on account of another person, partnership or corporation, as a contractor, subcontractor, manager, supervisor, foreman or agent, or otherwise;
(3)  The expression industrial establishment includes factories, mills, works, worksites and workshops of all kinds, together with the dependencies of each of such establishments. Worksites include construction and demolition sites and logging sites. A camp is deemed a dependency;
No premises or place shall be excluded from the definition of an industrial establishment by reason only that such place or premises is or are in the open air;
(4)  The expression commercial establishment includes any place where merchandise is offered for sale or purchase and any place where services are offered, together with the dependencies of each of such establishments; it does not include hotels, restaurants and stores where only members of the same family work;
(5)  The words inspectors and sanitary physicians mean the inspectors and sanitary physicians appointed by the Government, under the authority of this act, for enforcing the provision thereof;
(6)  The word week , unless otherwise defined in this act, means the period between zero hours on Sunday night and the same time on the following Saturday night;
(7)  The words Minister or Deputy-Minister mean the Minister of Labour and Manpower or the Deputy-Minister of Labour and Manpower of Québec.
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