E-12.1 - Act to promote the establishment of young farmers

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17. The Government may make regulations to
(1)  define the expressions “principal occupation”, “principal activity”, “cultivation of the soil”, “raising of livestock” and “parcelling out of a farm”;
(2)  fix the term of leases contemplated in section 6 and prescribe the formalities relating to their renewal;
(3)  determine the characteristics that a partnership contract must include in order for the partnership being the object thereof to be an agricultural operations partnership within the meaning of paragraph 1 of the definition of such a partnership set forth in section 1;
(4)  determine the components which must or may be included in an establishment plan contemplated in section 6;
(5)  fix the requirements to be fulfilled by the farmer contemplated in section 6 or the farmer or farm operator contemplated in section 7 or in section 16 in respect of schooling, farming experience or vocational training;
(6)  fix the dates, terms and conditions of payment of a grant;
(7)  prescribe the conditions that must be met by a group operation to qualify for a grant provided for in section 14;
(8)  prescribe the documents and information which must be filed and the time allowed for filing;
(9)  prescribe any other expedient measure for the carrying out of this Act.
1982, c. 29, s. 17.