E-12.001 - Pay Equity Act

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12.1. A group of employers may apply to the Commission for recognition as the employer of a single enterprise for the purposes of this Act.
Before granting that recognition, the Commission shall verify that the enterprises concerned have a set of similar or common characteristics that will allow this Act to be carried out in a manner consistent with its objective. The Commission may, among other things, examine the activities of and the job classes and salary structures within those enterprises.
When different time limits apply to the enterprises concerned, the Commission sets the time limit for completing a pay equity plan, determining compensation adjustments or conducting a pay equity audit in the single enterprise.
The provisions of this Act relating to employers apply to a group of employers recognized as the employer of a single enterprise. The employers in the group remain responsible for paying the compensation adjustments in their respective enterprises. The compensation adjustments are payable as of the date applicable to each enterprise if it is different from that set by the Commission for the single enterprise. If a remedy is sought before the Commission, the prescription period for compensation adjustments that is set out in section 103.1 is extended by any additional time granted by the Commission.
2009, c. 9, s. 4.