E-12.001 - Pay Equity Act

Full text
119. A pay equity or relativity plan completed before 21 November 1996 is deemed to have been established in accordance with this Act if it includes
(1)  an identification of job classes and an indication of the proportion of women in each job class;
(2)  a description of the methods and tools used to determine the value of job classes and a value determination procedure having taken into account such factors as required qualifications, responsibilities, the effort required and the conditions under which the work is performed; and
(3)  a method for valuating differences in compensation.
In addition, the plan must have allowed each predominantly female job class to be compared with predominantly male job classes.
The employer must have ensured that no element of the pay equity or relativity plan discriminates on the basis of gender and that all elements are applied on a gender neutral basis.
The same applies to a pay equity or relativity plan in progress on 21 November 1996, if on that date it also meets either of the following conditions:
(1)  the plan is completed in respect of at least 50% of predominantly female job classes concerned; or
(2)  the determination of the value of job classes has begun.
1996, c. 43, s. 119.