C-61.01 - Natural Heritage Conservation Act

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18. The Minister may amend the boundaries of land that is the subject of such a designation or terminate the designation if, as the case may be,
(1)  the boundaries of the land must be reviewed to maintain or safeguard its biodiversity, to take into account climate change issues or to ensure the boundaries are consistent with the land’s characteristics;
(2)  the public interest justifies it; or
(3)  the reasons that justified the designation no longer exist for all or part of the land concerned.
If the Minister decreases the surface area of designated wetlands and bodies of water or decides to terminate such a designation, the Minister shall, as soon as possible, see to it that other measures to conserve, restore or create wetlands and bodies of water are implemented elsewhere in the territory, as soon as possible, to foster achievement of no net loss of designated wetlands and bodies of water. For that purpose, the Minister shall consider the elements contained in a water master plan, integrated management plan for the St. Lawrence or regional wetlands and bodies of water plan prepared under the Act to affirm the collective nature of water resources and to promote better governance of water and associated environments (chapter C-6.2).
2002, c. 74, s. 18; 2017, c. 142017, c. 14, s. 19.
18. The Minister shall maintain and make accessible a register of all natural settings designated under section 13.
2002, c. 74, s. 18.