C-37.02 - Act respecting the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec

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73. For the purposes of sections 71 and 72, the director general shall, in particular,
(1)  ensure communication between the council, the executive committee and any other committee, and the employees of the Community; for that purpose, the director general shall have access to every document of the Community and may require any document or information from any employee;
(2)  prepare the budget and the Community’s program of capital expenditures and the plans, programs and projects needed to ensure the orderly functioning of the Community, with the collaboration of the heads of departments and the other employees of the Community;
(3)  examine the complaints and claims against the Community;
(4)  examine the draft by-laws of the Community;
(5)  submit, to the council, the budgets, programs of capital expenditures, plans, programs and projects the director general has prepared, together with observations and recommendations concerning the complaints, claims and draft by-laws examined by the director general;
(6)  report, to the council, on any matter the director general believes should be brought to its attention to ensure the sound management of public funds, the progress of the Community and the welfare of its citizens; the director general shall, where expedient, add his or her personal opinions or recommendations to the record of any matter submitted to the council, the executive committee or any other committee;
(7)  attend the meetings of the council, the executive committee and any committee and, with the permission of the chair of the meeting, give advice and present recommendations on the matters debated, without having the right to vote;
(8)  ensure that the by-laws and decisions of the Community are implemented and, particularly, ensure that funds are used for the purposes for which they were voted;
(9)  exercise any other power relating to the direction of the affairs and activities of the Community and the management of its personnel that is assigned to the director general in the internal management by-laws.
2000, c. 56, Sch. VI, s. 73.