C-37.02 - Act respecting the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec

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61. The council shall appoint a director general, a secretary and a treasurer.
No person may be appointed permanently to fill any position provided for in this section or in section 62 if the person remains in the employ of a municipality whose territory is situated within the territory of the Community.
The council may define the duties of a person holding such a position that are not determined by this Act, or add any other duty to those determined by this Act.
The council may appoint a single person to hold more than one position referred to in the first paragraph. The person shall have the same rights, powers and privileges and shall be liable to the same obligations and penalties as those determined and prescribed for the positions in respect of which the person is appointed.
2000, c. 56, Sch. VI, s. 61; 2001, c. 68, s. 207.