C-37.02 - Act respecting the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec

Full text
154. (Repealed).
2000, c. 56, Sch. VI, s. 154; 2017, c. 132017, c. 13, s. 136.
154. Not later than the day the budget of the Community is submitted to the council, the chair of the executive committee shall report on the financial situation of the Community at a meeting of the council.
The chair shall deal with the latest financial statements, the latest report of the auditor and the latest three-year program of capital expenditures, with preliminary indications regarding the financial statements for the fiscal year preceding the year for which the next budget is made, and outline the new budget orientations and the next three-year program of capital expenditures.
The report by the chair shall be published in a newspaper circulated in the territory of the Community.
2000, c. 56, Sch. VI, s. 154.