C-27 - Labour Code

Full text
78. The arbitrator shall proceed to the arbitration with assessors unless, within fifteen days of his appointment, the parties reach an agreement to the contrary.
Each party shall designate, within fifteen days of the appointment of the arbitrator, an assessor to assist the arbitrator and represent it during the hearing of the dispute and the deliberation. If a party fails to designate an assessor within the prescribed time, the arbitrator may proceed in the absence of that party’s assessor.
He may proceed in the absence of an assessor who does not attend after having been duly convened.
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78. Within five days of their appointment, the two members of the council shall consult together as to the choice of a third member who shall act as president; if they agree the Minister shall appoint to such office the person they have chosen. Failing agreement, the Minister shall appoint a person of his choice.
Every president chosen by the Minister shall be selected from a list of at least twenty-five names drawn up annually by him after consulting the Conseil consultatif du travail et de la main-d’oeuvre.
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