C-27 - Labour Code

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135.1. (Replaced).
1994, c. 6, s. 35; 2001, c. 26, s. 63.
135.1. In any case, of whatever nature, including an appeal contemplated in section 129, the judgment must be rendered within 90 days after being taken under advisement. However, the chief judge may extend that period.
Where the judge seized of a matter fails to render a judgment within 90 days or, as the case may be, within such additional time as is granted under the first paragraph, the chief judge may, on his own initiative or on a motion by one of the parties, remove the matter from the judge and order that the matter be continued by another judge or heard again.
Before granting an extension or removing a matter from the judge who failed to render a judgment within the time prescribed, the chief judge shall take account of the circumstances and of the interests of the parties.
1994, c. 6, s. 35.