C-25 - Code of Civil Procedure

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211. A third party may ask to intervene in order to make representations during the trial. The third party must inform the parties in writing of the purpose of and the grounds for the intervention. After hearing the parties, the court may authorize the intervention if it deems it expedient, having regard to the questions at issue.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 80, a. 211; 2002, c. 7, s. 37.
211. An intervention is made by the service upon all the parties in the case of a declaration setting forth the grounds upon which it is based and the conclusions which it seeks, to which must be attached a notice of the day when it will be presented to the court to be received.
In case of urgency the judge may, upon oral application, order that all proceedings in the principal action be suspended until it has been decided whether the intervention should be received.
1965 (1st sess.), c. 80, a. 211.