C-25.1 - Code of Penal Procedure

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186.1. If the interests of justice so require, in particular to ensure that evidence is presented without interruption, the chief judge or chief justice of the court before which proceedings are instituted, or the judge he designates, may, on his own initiative, on a party’s application or following a hearing that he convenes, designate a case management judge for those proceedings.
Before the trial, the case management judge exercises the jurisdiction of a trial judge and may, in particular, in that capacity,
(1)  assist the parties in identifying the witnesses to be heard;
(2)  encourage the parties to make admissions and reach agreements;
(3)  establish schedules and impose deadlines;
(4)  hear pleas of guilty and impose sentences;
(5)  assist the parties in identifying the questions to be ruled on during the trial;
(6)  encourage the parties to consider any other matters that would promote a fair and efficient trial; and
(7)  subject to article 186.3, rule on any issues that can be decided at that stage, including those related to the disclosure and admissibility of evidence, expert witnesses, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Part I of Schedule B to the Canada Act, chapter 11 in the 1982 volume of the Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom) or the Charter of human rights and freedoms (chapter C-12).
The case management judge also exercises that jurisdiction to rule on any matter referred to him by the trial judge.
2015, c. 26, s. 13.