C-11.5 - Charter of Ville de Québec, national capital of Québec

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74.7. An immovable is protected by acquired rights against any provision of a regulation adopted under the Act respecting land use planning and development (chapter A-19.1) or under a designation with regard to land use planning and development provided for by this Charter, provided the immovable meets the following conditions:
(1)  it constitutes the remainder of an immovable part of which was acquired by the city or the Société de transport de Québec for the project phase, or the operation, alteration or extension, of the structuring public transit network (Network) referred to in the Act respecting the Réseau structurant de transport en commun de la Ville de Québec (chapter R-25.03) or operated under the Act respecting public transit authorities (chapter S-30.01); and
(2)  immediately before the acquisition, the immovable complied with the by-laws in force at that time or was protected by acquired rights.
2019, c. 152019, c. 15, s. 16.