A-7.003 - Act respecting the Agence du revenu du Québec

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43. The Agency establishes a mode of organization of human resources intended to promote
(1)  the efficiency of the Agency and the optimum utilization and development of human resources;
(2)  the exercise of the powers of human resources management at the least possible hierarchical remove from the persons concerned and the application of a system under which the person vested with such management powers is accountable for his or her acts, within the means put at the person’s disposal;
(3)  equal opportunity for employment with the Agency for all citizens;
(4)  impartiality and fairness in decisions affecting employees;
(5)  the competence of persons in recruitment, promotion and evaluation matters; and
(6)  optimum contribution of the various components of Québec society.
2010, c. 31, s. 43.