A-7.003 - Act respecting the Agence du revenu du Québec

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26. The board of directors determines the Agency’s strategic directions, sees to their implementation and inquires into any issue it considers important.
For those purposes, the functions of the board include, in particular,
(1)  adopting the strategic plan and approving the statement of services to individuals and businesses;
(2)  approving the capital plan, financial statements, annual management report and annual budget of the Agency;
(3)  approving the staffing level and the staffing plan;
(4)  approving the governance rules of the Agency;
(5)  approving the code of ethics and conduct applicable to board members, officers and employees of the Agency, subject to any regulation under sections 3.0.1 and 3.0.2 of the Act respecting the Ministère du Conseil exécutif (chapter M-30);
(6)  approving the expertise and experience profiles to be used in appointing board members;
(7)  approving the criteria for assessing the performance of the board;
(8)  establishing policies for management of the risks associated with the operations of the Agency;
(9)  seeing to it that the board committees exercise their functions properly;
(10)  approving, in accordance with section 42, human resources policies as well as the standards and scales of remuneration, including, where applicable, a variable pay policy, and the other conditions of employment of employees appointed by the Agency; these conditions of employment must include, in the case of an employee who is not governed by a collective agreement, a remedy against a decision rendered in his or her regard with respect to a condition of employment other than classification, staffing or evaluation, or with respect to a dismissal or other disciplinary sanction, except if a remedy is available under this Act;
(11)  approving the information technology investment plan and an information resource management and security policy;
(12)  establishing a policy of collaboration with bodies offering government services, with regard to the optimal use of information technologies, electronic service delivery and shared services;
(13)  adopting measures to assess the effectiveness and performance of the Agency, including benchmarking against similar bodies; and
(14)  determining the delegation and subdelegation of powers and signing authority in all matters connected with the board’s functions and powers.
The board also reports to the Minister on any matter submitted to it by the Minister, and makes recommendations to the Minister concerning the efficient use of Agency resources.
2010, c. 31, s. 26.