A-6.001 - Financial Administration Act

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45.2. After being approved by the Conseil du trésor, the multi-year budgetary policy directions are forwarded to the ministers responsible for bodies other than budget-funded bodies.
Each minister shall forward the policy directions to each of the bodies under the minister’s responsibility and append directives relating to the forwarding and form of an annual budget, including the information it must include. The directives may also specify a method for forwarding and the form of multi-year budgetary estimates that are consistent with the method and form determined under paragraph 3.0.1 of section 77 of the Public Administration Act (chapter A-6.01).
A minister may also issue directives specifying, for all or each of the bodies under the minister’s responsibility, the application of the policy directions in their respect.
2020, c. 52020, c. 5, s. 103.