A-29.011 - Act respecting parental insurance

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88.0.1. At the Minister’s request, the Conseil de gestion must, by regulation, implement a pilot project to study or test new measures.
To that end, it may amend certain of the plan’s conditions or eligibility requirements for classes of workers, namely employees, self-employed workers or intermediate or family-type resources, in order to do such things as
(1)  establish different qualifying or benefit periods;
(2)  calculate average weekly earnings differently; or
(3)  establish different election schemes.
The regulation of the Conseil de gestion may prescribe the terms and conditions according to which and the extent to which this Act and the regulations apply to a pilot project. The regulation may also prescribe any other measure necessary for the pilot project’s implementation.
2020, c. 232020, c. 23, s. 22.